Confined space

Confined space course focuses on working safety in a confined space such as cisterns, wells etc. with breathing equipment.

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Target group

The target group is those who work in confined spaces, where breathing equipment is required and the possibility of rescue must be available. The course is aimed at those who work in wells, cisterns or in incinerators.

Course goal

After a successful completion of the course, the participant shall:

Be able to put up the work equipment that the work requires
Be able to use the work equipment safely

Theoretical elements

What happens when we fall?
What does the Work Environment Act say?
Responsibilities and obligations of the employee and employer?
What does the Occupational Safety Authority say?
What is CE and EN marking?
What is / How is a risk analysis and rescue plan used?
What equipment is used and how is it handled correctly?
Correct handling of fall protection
Proper handling of compressor based respiratory equipment
Oxygen measurement
Correct handling of damaged

Practical elements

Correct removal of harness
Correct use of relevant fall protection
Use of compressor based respiratory equipment
Training for emergency rescue


A certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

The course can be conducted at the customer's location.


ART. NR: 012299016

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Fall protection basic course

COURSE LENGTH: 8 hours (1 day)


INSTRUCTOR: One Cresto-authorised instructor per max 8 participants

Cresto reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 3 persons. If so, we will inform you one week before that start of the course.