Rope Access Sprat Level 1

SPRAT (The Society of Professional Rope Access Technicians) is an authorization and an internationally recognized system for rope access work. All levels require four days of training and one-day evaluation. A representative from the SPRAT organization evaluates all the participants on the last day. In the course, the participants learn to inspect their own equipment and the rope system, climbing and descending, moving between ropes in 2-rope systems. Additionally, the course consists of assisting in rigging and more advanced techniques under the supervision of a supervisor and carry out rescues where the victim is stuck in his lowering or chest ascender.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate.
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To safely complete the training for SPRAT L1

Theoretical elements

  • The Safe Practice for Rope Access work documents and Certification Requirements must be read
  • Understanding of relevant regulatory requirements
  • Understanding how SPRAT's Level I-III system is structured and what skills / obligations each level has
  • Understanding of different access methods and the risks they entail
  • Good understanding of log book completion, equipment log and understanding of risk analysis
  • Understanding "Safety checks"
  • Knowledge of consistent and correct communication in the team
  • Knowledge and understanding of different zones within repairs
  • Knowledge of inspection, use and limitations of equipment
  • Basic understanding of the fall factor, captive and the parallelogram of forces
  • Understand the value of rescue plan, job description and risk analysis
  • Understanding of rope systems with mechanical gear and hoists

Practical elements

  • Knots: eight knots, double eight, Alpine butterfly loop, Barrel knot and double fish knot
  • Rigging: Simple anchor point and simple two-point anchor
  • Climb/lower down and go over one edge
  • Tool change, change from fasteners to rope clamps
  • Pass knots, rebelays and redirects
  • Change the rope pair
  • Mast climbing: the use of shark hooks with attenuators, and understanding of the most common fall protection systems
  • Understand the value of rescue plan, job description and risk analysis
  • Understanding of rope systems with mechanical gear and hoists
  • Rescue of a person in lowering mode and in chest ascender
Target group: For those who want an authorization for SPRAT Level 1 Worker. The participant does not need to have any previous experience of climbing or Rope Access, but should be in good health and shape as the course is physically demanding. <br/>The participant must be at least 18 years of age. Previous knowledge: None Period of validity: 3 years Course length: 40 hours (5 days) Instructor: 1
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