Press release: RED Pro X - NEWS from RESQ

Rescue and evacuation and evacuation equipment for extreme work environments

RED Pro X is a new rescue and evacuation equipment from global market leaders RESQ. The product is specially developed for extreme work environments and high heights. 

Unmatched load capacity 

RED Pro X is suited for both basic evacuations as well as advanced rescue operations involving several people. Intuitive design and durable components are two prominent features, while the innovative brake house ensures a higher load capacity than any competing product – up to 280 kilos at an height of up to 255 meters.  

Corresponds to industry needs 

RESQ have been market leaders for more than 25 years, which means that RED Pro X is constructed with profound understanding of industry needs and challenges. Following several years of testing and verification, the equipment is now being launched to the global market and tried out by several companies. The world largest wind power company has already approved the use of Red Pro X at their work sites. 

RED Pro X is sold through certified RESQ partners worldwide. They also offer service, support and user training. 

The equipment is now available through Cresto Group and certified partners.

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