Ambitious growth targets for the new Cresto Group

Bergman & Beving’s premium fall protection solutions brand, Cresto, announces the formation of Cresto Group, with a plan to achieve 10% European market share and become one of Europe’s leading 5 fall protection brands by 2024.

Cresto, which develops, manufactures and sells premium protection and rescue solutions for professional height workers, has reorganized and created a new sales and service company called Cresto Group. The new company includes the brand AAK Safety in Norway, and product brands Cresto and RESQ in Sweden, now all collectively under the same roof. Today, Cresto Group has a total turnover of 187 million Swedish Kronor and will increase to 400 million in five years, through organic growth and through several acquisitions.

"With our ambitious growth plan to become the top 5 in Europe, we are now aiming to expand even more outside the Nordic region. We will grow organically by developing, offering and exporting our innovative products and solutions. To gain additional expertise and broaden our customer offering, we are also looking to acquire other companies, but also through collaborations with external brands to be able to offer our customers the best solutions locally", says Patrik Malterling, CEO of Cresto.

Cresto, traditionally a “product company”, will complete the transformation to industry specialists and offer complete solutions including products, education, installations and annual inspection services.

"Much of our focus has previously been around our products, but now we want to take a bigger grip. Many of our customers are asking what equipment to use in a specific situation both for daily work, and if something serious happens, then we should be able to give suggestions on the best overall solution and working method based on the customer's needs and work environment", says Patrik Malterling.

Cresto Group is also developing a common customer platform, which will open up possibilities for the brands within the organization to sell solutions in their local markets. The platform will also ensure that customers always have access to updated local information.

About Cresto Group

Cresto Group delivers solutions for two key areas within the safety at height industry: fall protection, personal and fixed systems, plus rescue and evacuation solutions. both areas mutually support each other and are essential for making work at height more secure and efficient. Our comprehensive solutions and expertise make us the market leader in the Nordic region and include consulting, training, products, annual inspection and related services.

Cresto Group have a global network of service and training partners and our team of height safety consultants, and instructors are passionate experts in their field.

The development of products, services and complete solutions is almost always done together with the customer and innovative, customized solutions form the foundation of our range. We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations.