GWO Slinger Signaller

The course focuses on safety when working with lifting and lifting equipment. The course is aimed at those who perform basic lifting.

The course meets the requirement for Safe Lifting.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a GWO certificate.
  • Snacks and lunch are included
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Participants must be able to plan, assess risk and carry out simple lifting. Have good knowledge of lifting equipment, their daily supervision, dimensioning and use. Have a good understanding of the hand and radio signals used to direct the crane.

Theoretical elements

  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Laws and regulations
  • Knowledge about materials
  • Lifting equipment and lifting gear
  • Lifting plan
  • Risk assessment

Practical elements

  • Dimensioning of lifting equipment
  • Rigging/coupling Technology
  • Ergonomics
  • Daily inspection and storage
  • Lifting angles
  • Lifting zones
  • Lifting planning using a lifting plan
  • Lifting asymmetrical loads
  • Hand and radio signals for crane directing
  • During the practical part, several lifts are planned and carried out. A lifting scenario is planned and performed individually with a larger crane with an external driver on day two.
  • The course ends with a theoretical test and an evaluation of the participants.
Target group: For you who work as a wind power technician and are at least 18 years old. Previous knowledge: No previous knowledge neccessary Period of validity: Unlimited Course length: 13 hours (1 1/2 days) Instructor: 2
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