Energy Twin-Flex Cover is a double fall arrest lanyard with flexible webbing and an extra protection cover.

Energy Twin-Flex H Cover

Fall Arrest Lanyard 1302-TFS

  • CE certified hooks
  • Approved for 100 kg
  • Elastic webbing with extra protection cover

Energy Twin-Flex Cover is a double fall arrest lanyard with flexible webbing and an extra protection cover.



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A double fall arrest lanyard is designed to suit you who need to move when you work at heights. With double hooks you always have a hook anchored when you move with the other hook. This is to provide the optimum security during work at, for example, pylons, wind turbines or industries.

Energy Twin-Flex Cover is manufactured as a flexible tube with internal elasticity, which allows you to stretch the line to a maximum length of 1.9 meters. The elastic band is protected with an extra protective cover to protect the rope from dirt and friction.

At the beginning of the rope there is an external absorber mounted which is released in case of a fall and catches you. The cover on the absorber can easily be replaced if it becomes dirty or damaged to ensure that the rope underneath is protected in the best way.

Unlike Energy Twin-Flex Cover+ does Energy Twin-Flex Cover not include any ANSI certified component.


  • General industry
  • Tower climber
  • Offshore
  • Wind energy


Attaching connector 1 Oval twist lock carabiner in aluminum, mounted with captive pin
Attaching connector 2 Big aluminum hook with 63 mm opening
Energy absorber Yes
Fall indicator Yes
Mechanics Tear-webbing absorber
Maximum number of users 1
Maximum load (kg) 100.0
Minimum working temperature (c) -40.0
Maximum working temperature (c) 100.0
Minimum breaking strength - MBS (kN) 15.0
Material Polyamide


PPE-category Category 3
EN-standard EN 355 : 2002
Notified body 0402, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, Box 857, SE-50115 Borås, Sweden


Annual inspection Yes, every 12 months
Life span 10 + 2 years. Product lifecycle 10 years + 2 years stock keeping
Warranty 2+1 year when registered in Inspector
Identification Serial number


Declaration of Conformity Yes
Manual languages Danish (DA), English (EN), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), Greek (EL), Norwegian (NO), Spanish (ES), Swedish (SV)
012203113 Cresto, Energy Twin-Flex H Cover, 1.9m