The latest generation automatic evacuation and rescue device with superior properties.

RED PRO X Original

Rescue and evacuation device, box

  • Extremely good lifting capacity
  • Water sealed brake housing
  • Intuitive and easy to use

The latest generation automatic evacuation and rescue device with superior properties.

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RESQ RPX is the latest generation of rescue and evacuation equipment from RESQ – designed and developed for easy use with intuitive functions.
The RPX can handle most rescue scenarios in various industries and extreme environments, from evacuation from high heights, lifting from deep shafts to advanced rescues, the height worker can feel confident that the equipment performance is verified.

The design and functionality of the device are based on insights from professionals working at heights daily. RPX is designed to give height workers verified confidence in extreme environments and for easy implementation of user-training and inspections.

Single-sided use for safe handling - all features on frontside - no more losing valuable time, twisting and turning the device to double-check. Universal power tool-interface for heavy lifting, up to 255m. Top-mounted swivel for optimal positioning, even in tight conditions and confined space. Laser printed, easy to read data and pictograms, engraved direct and permanently on the body. 280 kg – 255m verified and tested decent weight and height!

The device comes with a lifting function where the connection of machine-driven accessories simplifies and facilitates lifting at longer distances as standard. With the help of a power tool, the equipment can lift a load of 140 kg at a distance of 255 meters.

RPX requires a minimum of training which equals Low TCO for maintenance of training certificates for your workforce. Due to the easily recognizable and intuitive design on both rescue equipment and accessories, the kit is both practical and cost-efficient to introduce to already trained workforce which holds GWO or similar height training certificate.

RPX Original is delivered as a complete set in RESQ Vacuum (service interval of 10 years), storage box in plastic and accessory kit.


  • Pitch roof work
  • General industry
  • Tower climber
  • MEWPs
  • Offshore
  • Confined space
  • Wind energy



Product includes Rope, 2pc anchor sling 1,2m, 1pc anchor sling 0,8m, edge protector with steel carabiner twist lock, pulley 22kN, rescue rope grab, 2pc steel carabiner twist lock, bag, inspection set and box
Packinging type Vacuum
Attaching connector 1 Device: Aluminum carabiner with swivel
Attaching connector 2 Rope: Aluminum carabiner
Gate strength (kN) 16.0
Gate feature twist lock
Adjustable under load Yes
Energy absorber No
Fall indicator No
Mechanics Centrifugal brake
Lifting mechanics Gear, ratio 1:9
Descent speed (m/s) 0,9-1,6
Maximum number of users 2
Maximum rope length (m) 255.0
Maximum descent 255 meters
Minimum load (kg) 40.0
Maximum load (kg) 200.0
Minimum working temperature (c) -40.0
Maximum working temperature (c) 50.0
Minimum breaking strength - MBS (kN) 20.0
Material Polyamide, Aluminum , Techno polymers
Functions Descend function, Lifting function
Extra functions Lift with external power source
Rope Polyamide/polyamide 32-braided kermantel construction 9,6mm


PPE-category Category 3
EN-standard EN 1496 : 2017, EN 341 : 2011
Notified body 0200, FORCE Certification A/S, Main office, Park Allé 345, DK-2605 Brondby, Denmark
Other standards ANSI Z359.4-2013, CSA Z259.2.3-12


Annual inspection Yes, every 12 months
Life span 10 + 10 years. Product lifecycle 10 years + 10 years after service
Warranty 2 year
Identification Serial number


Declaration of Conformity Yes
Manual languages Chinese (ZH), Czech (CS), Danish (DA), Dutch (NL), English (EN), Estonian (ET), Finnish (FI), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), Norwegian (NO), Polish (PL), Portuguese (PT), Spanish (ES), Swedish (SV), Turkish (TR)
087003223200 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 200m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003223175 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 175m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212150 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 150m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212125 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 125m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212100 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 100m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212075 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 75m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212050 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 50m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212083 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 83m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212090 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 90m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212105 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 105m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003212140 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 140m, box, vacuum ,accs.
087003213160 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 160m, box, vacuum, accs.
087003223180 RESQ, RPX200 Original, 180m, box, vacuum, accs.