Working with organised rescue

In this course, the participants learn to rescue one or more distressed persons from over an edge, horizontally and in confined spaces. A significant focus is on the organisation of the rescue operation and how to create a substantial rescue plan.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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The goal of this course is for the participant to safely and in a group carry out a successful rescue.

Theoretical elements

  • Use of Fall protection equipment
  • Rescue scenarios
  • Rescue plan and risk assessments
  • Rescue methods
  • Rescue equipment

Practical elements

  • Self-evacuation
  • Rescue - vertical
  • Rescue - horizontal
  • Rescue - Over the edge
Target group: Personnel working with organised rescue operations, such as emergency services or rescue teams within companies or organisations. Previous knowledge: Fall Protection Basic course Period of validity: Annual repetition are recommended Course length: 16 hours (2 days) Instructor: 2
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