Cresto's Training

Since 1999, Cresto's training courses have provided workers at height with the self-assurance they need to safely and effectively perform their duties.

A training programme we are proud of

We deliver the courses in our large training centre in Halmstad, as well as in fall protection centres at partners all across the Nordic region. In Norway you can do your training by our Norwegian company AAK Safety, visit their website for more information. In many of ours courses, we can also offer the training at customers facilities. At our courses, you will meet the most experienced instructors within height work with many years of experience from the industry. Their focus is to provide you with all the prerequisites you need to develop and perform your highest-level work.

Our training gives you knowledge and security

Our courses are designed to meet all the requirements that exist for those of you working in a fall-risk environment. We are also able to customise courses for your specific needs. Once you've completed your training, you will have all the tools you need for your daily work challenges, always documented with a certificate!

All of our courses are quality assured and certified. They are based on applicable laws and legislation and combine practical training with theory. In order to keep up-to-date on practical applications and theory, we recommend you implement the training into your HSE work and attend refresher training with Cresto when your certificate has expired.


The fall protection's ABC

At Cresto we have a ABC system which provides a complete fall protection solution. ABC consists of A-Anchorage, B-Body holding device (Full body harness) and C-Connecting device. On our product packaging you can see what kind of category the product has through the symbols A, B and C. We have put together a video to illustrate our ABC system.