Power Ascenders training

As a distributor of ActSafe's products - Power Ascenders, we can also offer you training on Power Ascenders as a tool for rope access.


Training in using ActSafes Power Ascenders

A Power Ascender is a winch for work at both heights and depths. Actsafe is the world leader in Power Ascenders and they have been developed for workers who need to move up and down the ropes often and quickly. Power Ascenders is a unique tool for rope access and for methods in areas such as rescue, telecom, power and access technology while providing a very time efficient solution for lifting materials and tools.

As a proud distributor of these products, we also offer training in the use of Power Ascenders. The education is aimed at workers in telecom, wind power and access technology (rope access) that need to move more efficiently and easily up and down the longest rope.