Cresto Group is certified by The Global Wind Organization to provide courses for those who work in the wind power industry, so-called GWO courses. All GWO courses are regulated according to standard from The Global Wind Organization.

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Global Wind Organization (GWO) certificate

Global Wind Organization is a non-profit body that has been started by leading wind power manufacturers and operators. GWO strives for a harmless work environment in the wind power industry in order to achieve this, it has set industry-common and international standards in the training of safety and emergency procedures.

As a service engineer in wind power, you must have a GWO certificate to work in a wind turbine. At Cresto Group we can offer you a GWO training that gives you the right tools and certification you need for your work. With our courses you can guarantee that you get the latest knowledge and we can of course also adapt the training for equipment.

Our courses are led by experienced instructors and all instructors have good insight into the industry. All our courses can be purchased individually, but we recommend that you take the courses as a package.

Basic Safety Training - BST

Basic Safety Training (BST) contains 4 modules named as follows:

Work At Height (WAH)
Fire Awareness (FAW)
Manual Handling (MH)
First Aid (FA)
Sea Survival (SS)
We offer a complete training package of 5 days where we have combined the following modules:

Day 1 and 2
Work At Height

Day 3
Fire Awareness
Manual Handling

Day 4 and 5
First Aid

Repetition of the modules


Your GWO certificate is valid for 2 years and is registered at WINDA, which is GWO's education database. We recommend you to register at WINDA where you can keep track of your certificates and receive reminders when a certificate needs to be renewed. Read more about how to do this..

Before your certificate has expired, you can register for a Refresher which is a 3 day rehearsal of the GWO program. This is offered as follows:

Day 1
Work At Height Refresher (WAHR)

Day 2
Fire Awareness (FAWR)
Manual Handling (MHR)

Day 3
First Aid Refresher (FAR)

Our GWO courses

Below you will find more information on each specific module in GWO-training.