GWO Advanced Rescue Training (ART)

This course is aimed at those who work in the wind power industry and require extended knowledge about evacuation and rescue from height. It can, for example, be in work in different types of wind turbines that prevent the normal options for descending and where extra skills and skills are required to safely lead a more advanced rescue on their own.

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Target group

For those who already are certified in Work At Height, but work in challenging areas such as the hub, wing, basement, nacelle or confined spaces.

Course goal

After a successful completion of the course, the participant shall:

Perform advanced rescues in the wind turbine environment such as hub, wing, basement, nacelle and crawl spaces
Evacuate in an emergency, both up and down depending on situation
Evaluate different rescue strategies depending on situation
Use a cervical collar
Use a spineboard and a rescue stretcher
Implement rescue planning depending on the work both for single assignment as well as for the whole organization

Theoretical elements

National and international requirements for work in exposed areas
Emergency planning
Rescue stretcher, spine board and cervical collar
The evacuation equipment and its specifications
Anchorage points, what we should think of and how do the angels affect us?
Planning for a rescue both as a group and as a single rescuer

Practical elements

Using a rescue stretcher and spineboard
Use of a cervical collar
Rescue from hub
Rescue from wing
Rescue from crawl space
Rescue from confined spaces
Rescue from cellar
Hoisting of a person
Evacuation both inside and outside of the tower


A certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course. 

The course can be held at the customer.

A WINDA ID is mandatory for this course. Please prepare in advanced.


ART. NR: 012299058


COURSE LENGTH: 24 hours (3 days)

PERIOD OF VALIDITY: Valid for 2 years

INSTRUCTOR: Two CRESTO-authorised instructor per max 8 participants

Cresto reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 3 persons. If so, we will inform you one week before that start of the course.