It can be hard to find the time to send send away your personal protection equipment for inspection, but the law says that you must do an inspection of the equipment every 12 months. With certificates from our competent person courses you can do the inspection yourself at your location.


Inspection of Personal Fall Protection Equipment and Self Retractable Lifelines (SRL)

According to the standard EN365: 2004, fall protection must be carried out by a competent person every 12 months. In our Competent Person training, we can offer you the knowledge you need to be qualified to inspect personal protection equipment and SRLs.

The training is mainly for those who want to be able to make your own inspection of the equipment but also others. We recommend that a few people at a workplace have this qualification and therefore can save time by making the inspections internally.

Our Competent Person training

Our standard course is an 8-hour course (1 day) but we have chosen to also have a course that is 4 hours covering harnesses and lanyards. The full day course covers all personal fall protection equipment (excluding blocks that can be opened). We believe that a 4 or 8 hour course is sufficient to enable you to perform the annual inspection in an efficient and safe way. For those who want to be able to inspect even fall protection blocks (SRL), we have a specific course for this.