Competent person Cresto PPE

The course Competent person Cresto PPE gives the participant the skills to become a "competent person" in the inspection of fall protection equipment according to EN 365.

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Target group

For those who do the yearly inspection and maintenance of your PPE.

Course goal

After a successful completion of the course, the participant shall:

Feel safe with inspecting fall protection equipment. In this expanded Competent person course we will go through how to control harness, rope, fall arrester, carbines, loops, wire rope, and other hardware such as temporary anchor points and replica locks, Crestos blocks (W2, W2h, W3.5, 5511, 5501) and vacuum inspection of Crestos rescue equipment.

Theoretical elements

Working environment regulations
European norms
Material study (run-through of equipment)
EN standards
CE-marking, daily inspection, periodical inspection
Criteria for rejection
User instructions

Practical elements

Written theory exam
Practical test of fall protection products
Vacuum inspection


A certificate will be awarded after successful completion of the course.

The course can be conducted at the customer's location, contact us for current requirements of facilities


ART. NR: 0122990191

PREVIOUS KNOWLEDGE: Fall protection basic course

COURSE LENGTH:  8 hours (1 day)

INSTRUCTOR: One Cresto-authorised instructor per max 8 participants

Cresto reserves the right to cancel the course if the number of participants is less than 3 persons. If so, we will inform you one week before that start of the course.