Safety+ - a complete solution for health, safety and work environment in a fall-risk environment

Together with our daughter company AAK, in Norway, we are the market leader in the Nordic region and with our experience we can and want to make our customers' working environment as safe as possible. Our customers handle risks and challenges every day in a very special working environment and therefore we have developed a concept for health, safety and environment (HSE) in a fall risk environment.

Reduce work-related accidents

We offer complete solutions that create security and increase the performance level of our customers

Work-related accidents and illnesses can usually be eliminated or prevented by finding the cause of the problem. In order to deal with a problem, specific practical and / or theoretical experience may be required. Additionally we have laws and regulations that needs to be considered and can affect how we work. It's not always easy to know how to interpret the laws and work efficiently and safely, even for an experienced customer.

With our Safety+ concept, we identify risks and together with the customer we create a more secure and efficient work environment. With that as a starting point, we provide cost-effective proposals for solutions customized to the customer's unique needs and what is most effective for the company.

Safety+ process circle
One person working on a construction site

More efficient and safer work

Identification of risk areas and systematic work environment work minimizes and prevents workplace accidents.

When working at height, there are many risk areas that are important to identify and it can be considered complex to understand all the laws and regulations that the company must follow. Through preventive and systematic work , the risks are minimized in all the company's different operations.

We ensure that your company works safely and that the employees' skills and level of performance are increased. We create value for our customers by helping them work ergonomically, efficiently and according to applicable laws and regulations, but also with financial values in the form of reduced costs for personal injuries and sick leave.

If you want to know more about Safety+, contact us and we'll get back to you!

Inspector has everything documented for you

As a customer with us, we can offer you our web-based inspection database Inspector that will help you to have all the documentation in one place.

In Inspector you will find:

  • Inspection protocols
  • Educated staff
  • Certificate
  • Documented risk analyzes and rescue plans
  • Product information such as manuals, DoC etc.
  • Automatic e-mail reminders about annual inspection and training
Inspector database shown on different displays