Pole climbing, rescue and evacuation

The course is primarily intended for pole climbers and those who work as line engineers. The course focuses on rescue and evacuation with Smartline rescue equipment. Participants must master climbing with pole shoes and work positioning lanyards.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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Able to rescue an injured or distressed person from height with the aid of the rescue equipment AAK Smartline or Smartline X. Also, master climbing with pole shoes and work positioning lanyards.

Theoretical elements

  • Introduction
  • Working environment rules and European standards (fall protection)
  • Material learning (review of equipment)
  • Fall Factors
  • EN standards
  • CE marking Daily inspection Periodic inspection
  • Crash loads and anchorage points
  • Climbing with pole shoes
  • Rescue procedure and call for help
  • First-aid measures in the event of an accident

Practical elements

  • Climbing with pole shoes
  • Rescue of emergency (different methods) with rescue equipment
  • Practise as both distressed/Injured person and rescuer.
  • Own equipment is used in the first place, ie fall protection harness, work positioning lanyards, pole shoes and helmet.
Target group: The course is aimed primarily at those who work as pole climbers. Previous knowledge: None Period of validity: Annual repetition are recommended Course length: 16 hours (2 days) Instructor: 1