The new PPE regulation and increased lifetime for Cresto products

In connection with re-certifying against the new PPE regulation, we are now increasing the lifetime on our Cresto Branded Personal fall protection equipment.

On April 21, 2018, the new PPE Regulation 2016/425 was introduced. The old directive EC 89/686 has continued to apply with one year's overlap. The EN product standards remain under the new regulation.

During the last year we have worked on re-certifying our range of personal fall protection. As early as last autumn, Cresto began delivering products that are certified against the new regulation. First out was our new harness for wind power technicians, Fusion Active + Wind.

What does the new Regulation mean for producers and distributors?

For the producers the new regulation means a higher level of quality and safety routines as well as traceability on the components and raw materials. A higher demand is placed on the products and risk analyzes as well as more extensive tests are conducted prior to the product is placed on the market. For the user, the new regulation is first and foremost a guarantee that the product has been developed and produced with sustainability and quality in focus. The distributor now also has equal responsibility as the manufacturer.

Increased lifetime for Cresto branded products

At Cresto, we have chosen to start certifying and re-certifying products against the new regulation during the last year. As sustainability is an important aspect for us and highly related to a products lifecycle, we have chosen to extend the lifetime of products certified against the new regulation to 10 + 2 years. We do this thanks to the high quality on the materials we use in our products.

We value the trust our customers put in us and in return we aim to offer the best products on the market.