Security with fixed fall arrest system in the depot

Even in motorsport environments, safety is an important aspect of equipment that protects the head, neck and back. But we want to show how important it is with safety even in the depot. With a fixed rail system and a carriage mounted to the trailer roof, the user can easily attach his harness and fall protection equipment and do his work safely.

This weekend it was time for the annual Västkustloppet at Falkenberg Motorway. The event is one of the most classic motor races in Sweden and has been organized for over 60 years, the whole weekend is filled with fast cars and motorcycles. As a proud sponsor we were there and cheered on our own Alexander Lundh along with some of our customers, who also had the opportunity to check out some of our selected products and try out the winning bike. During Saturday's and Sunday's Strandbaden Open, Alexander brought home two of two possible first places, big congratulations Alexander and big thanks to all the guests who were there!

Rail system on truck roof
Alexander Lundh and Hanna From at Västkustloppet 2019
Yamaha motorcycle
People in the Yamaha depot