Re-profiling of Cresto products

Reprofiling of Cresto products

Cresto is defined by our products used by you, height workers, in the most demanding situations. We therefore work to be a leader in technological development and make life easier and safer. For a while now, we have been working on a number of efficiency projects and are now proud to launch a re-profiling of our products.

Our products create and strengthen our identity. How they are used, their design and how they make us feel is incredibly important and should therefore be reflected in their name.

Reprofiling and the new product names

We have divided our harnesses into 4 different categories - Artisan, Fusion, Energy and Rigger, as well as different comfort levels - Base, Active and Pro. The new names will remind us of what we use and why.

We will be launching new names for our products as early as Monday, March 5 on order recognition, invoices and delivery notes. The product code will not change which means that the order process is as usual. This spring, we will launch our new website / e-commerce site with a lot of new material.