Do you need to update your Inspector Pro subscription?

It’s time to update your Cresto Inspector License. From the 1st November Inspector Pro will be a paid service.

In connection with the release of the new Inspector Pro in the Spring we informed our customers that after the free trial period an annual fee will be charged for Inspector Pro.

Today, Inspector has become a huge database with many customers using the record management software to improve their inspection productivity. The fee is necessary to ensure great administration and support and also for us to be able to develop and meet your future needs.

The annual fee will include a license for upto 5 users and costs 5990 SEK (approx. 630€). We will start invoicing the annual fee on the 1st of November

A free version of Inspector will be available for those of you that do not need the additional functionality of Inspector Pro but it will not allow you to add external information, e.g. own products, documents or images.

Please contact us with an email to before the 31st of October to keep your Inspector Pro License.

Please send us following information: 

  1. Company Name:
  2.  VAT-Number:
  3.  Invoice Address:
  4.  Email address for the invoice:

Please be aware that the license is valid one year and for cancelation of your Pro subscription please inform us latest one month prior to the expiration date.