Cresto Worker range

We have a long history of selling products to Construction and General Industry. Our new Worker series includes personal fall protection equipment such as harnesses, lanyards and complete fall protection kits. The new range is premium, as all Cresto products, and we have increased the lifetime to 10 + 2 years.

Why choose Cresto equipment?

Increased Lifetime

We only use premium materials and components for our products. 10 + 2 means that the users have up to 10 years of product life from the first date of use.


All products we manufacture are registered in our Inspector database, Inspector. Consequently, they are already in the database when it is time for the first annual inspection.


We are a Nordic company with a long history. We offer local technical support and training in our own locations, on site with customers and with our partners.

Our fall arrest kits

Our new range also includes serval Fall Protection kits in new packages that are designed for the most common work areas within Construction and General Industry.

The new packaging clearly illustrates what work areas the kit is intended for. This helps the user to choose the right solution and perform their work, both safely and efficiently.

Our fall arrest kit

Worker Industrial Pro