Construction industry security park

Now we help each other to increase interest in risks at construction sites

2018 was the deadliest year ever for people working in the construction industry. Every 5 weeks a person died at a construction site. Now the largest construction companies in Sweden have joined forces and built up Arlanda Security Park, which aims to raise awareness of risks in construction sites. Workers in workplace safety have been involved and sponsored, both with equipment and their expertise.

Cresto Group has been involved in creating a scenario to make construction workers and safety officers more observant about risks and how an emergency plan is applied in the event of an accident. A situation can quickly become very serious, depending on the staff's preparation and knowledge. To "save" or evacuate a colleague or co-worker should never have to be done at the expense of one's own life!

We hope the park will contribute to an increased interest in taking better responsibility for themselves and their colleagues.

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