The ABC of fall protection

08 October 2020

The BC of fall protection purpose is to explain what makes a complete fall protection system. When working at height you need a complete system to work safely. The equipment varies depending on the methods used and the type of work environment.



The anchorage point for the connecting line has to be a safe attachment able to take a load of at least 12 kN. Existing points can, for example, be found in I-beams, scaffolding or other fixed or structural points. These existing points may need to be supplemented with a mobile anchorage point/anchorage sling.



Used to hold and, in the event of a fall, safely catch the user before, during and after a fall.



Used between the full harness and the anchorage point.

  • Fall arrest lanyard: Maximal length of 2 meters with shock absorber
  • Self retractable lanyard (SRL): With self-retractable line and integrated shock absorber
  • Fall arrest line: Fall protection with manual or automatic rope grab with shock absorbing function
  • Support lanyard: Only to be used as a restraint system. (In environments where there is a fall risk, the support lanyard must be used together with one of the above connecting devices.)
Illustrated worker with fall protection

For more information and practical training, we recommend our Fall Protection Basic Course.

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