Fall protection maintenance tips

15 October 2020

Your fall protection can one day be your lifeline to safety. In case of an accident, it is essential that your equipment is functioning correctly and therefore is the maintenance and care of your equipment A and O in your everyday routines. Here are some basic tips on how to make your equipment lasts longer.

  • Dry it when it gets damp or wet
  • Clean it if it's soiled, it's essential to do it at once if it is, e.g. concrete or other substances that quickly dries into the material
  • Store it dry and dark
  • Don't use it if it gets damaged in any way

Annual inspection

Equipment used a lot wears out eventually, partly by the buckles and D-rings, but also from the fact that we carry materials and climb structures. Chemicals and light also affect the elements in the equipment. Therefore, someone with more profound knowledge must go through the equipment thoroughly to ensure it's safe to use and works if an accident happens.

On the "soft" equipment, a competent person can carry out the annual inspection. According to EN 365: 2004, a competent person must inspect the fall protection equipment every 12 months.

Whom is allowed to carry out an inspection is stated in the manual supplied by the manufacturer. It's usually noted that the person doing the inspection must be competent on the soft equipment whilst fall protection blocks (SRL's) and rescue equipment are stated separately. The manufacturer writes a Competent person approved by the manufacturer. This means that the competent person must be trained and receive a certificate directly from the manufacturer.

Cresto has a service workshop in Halmstad have several competent persons around the country who perform on-site inspections. Our people are well educated and have long experience of working with fall protection.

Inspector – Our online inspection database

Cresto has a database with inspection functions where all equipment is registered. Our customers can get a login to see their equipment. We currently have some end customers who use Inspector to track where or with whom the equipment is via the Location function.

Inspector also keeps track of training and certificate. You can quickly get an overview of the company's staff, what courses they have undergone and when it's time to renew the certificates. The user also gets reminders of when it's time to inspect the products. Inspector offers companies to manage their products and training and be a useful tool in the company's HSE work. 

Read more about Inspector

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