Fall protection solutions - Cresto finds the best solution

Fall protection systems comprise permanently mounted products, such as anchor points, wire systems, rail systems or safety guardrails. These enable work in fall-risk areas to be performed safely and easily. Cresto has extensive experience in assembling a great many of these systems. No matter if it's a simple assembly or a turnkey project, we make sure to always find the best solution for our customers.


Assembly – Enlist us or install simpler systems yourself

We carry out calculations and assembly for everything from roofs, exteriors, masts, machine chimneys and overhead walkways. If customised components and solutions are required, we'll sort that out too. We have installer technicians all across the Nordic region.

Once installation is completed, Cresto verifies that the system is correctly assembled, fit for purpose and issues a certificate for use. Installation instructions are included for simpler systems which can be built by the customer. The customer is responsible for ensuring that installation is done correctly and that the system is certified for use.