GWO Advanced Rescue Training

This GWO training contains 4 modules:
1 Nacelle, Tower and Basement rescue
2 Hub, Spinner and inside blade rescue
3 Single Rescuer - Hub, Spiner and inside the blade
4 Single Rescuer - Nacelle, Tower and Basement

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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The goal is to be able to perform a rescue safely and correctly from the HUB, the nacelle, inside the blade, the basement and the tower. Additionally, the participant must gain an understanding of challenges with a single rescue.

Theoretical elements

  • National and international requirements for work in exposed environments
  • Emergency planning
  • Rescue equipment (stretcher, spine board and cervical collar) and their specifications
  • Correct use of Anchorage points
  • Planning for self-rescue or the rescue of rescue object

Practical elements

  • Using a rescue stretcher and spineboard
  • Use of a cervical collar
  • Hub, self-rescue or rescue in a group
  • blade, self-rescue or rescue in a group
  • Confined or narrow space, self-rescue or rescue in a group
  • Basement, self-rescue or rescue in a group
  • Hoisting yourself or in a group
  • Inside and outside evacuation of yourself and a group
Target group: The course is for those who need more advanced rescue skills in exposed areas such as working in the hub, wing, basement, confined space or narrow spaces in the wind turbine. Previous knowledge: GWO Work At Height, GWO First aid, GWO Manual Handling Period of validity: 2 years Course length: 24 hours (3 days) Instructor: 2
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