The ABC of fall protection

Image that explains the ABC of fall protection

A) Anchorage point

The anchorage point for the connecting line has to be a safe attachment able to take a load of at least 12 kN. Existing points can, for example, be found in I-beams, scaffolding or other fixed or structural points. These existing points may need to be supplemented with a mobile anchorage point/anchorage sling.

- Permanent anchorage e.g. Fixed anchorage points, horizontal wire systems, horizontal rail systems
- Mobile anchorage e.g. Anchorage slings made from webbing and wire


B) Full body harness

Used to hold and, in the event of a fall, safely catch the user before, during and after a fall.

Full body harness must be used for all fall protection situations


C) Connecting line

Used between the full harness and the anchorage point.

- Fall arrest lanyard: Max 2 meter, shock absorber
- Fall arrest block: With self-retractable line and integrated shock absorber
- Anchor line: Fall protection, manual or automatic rope grab with shock absorbing function
- Support lanyard: Only to be used as a restraint system. (In environments where there is a fall risk, the support lanyard must be used together with one of the above connecting devices)