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Press release: RED Pro X - World news from RESQ

Rescue and evacuation and evacuation equipment for extreme work environments RED…
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ITRA Technical rescue courses - now available at Cresto Group

Cresto Group has offered organised rescue courses to many satisfied customers su…
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Key Account Manager – Denmark & UK

Cresto Group delivers solutions for two key areas within the safety at height in…
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Construction industry security park

Now we help each other to increase interest in risks at construction sites 2018…
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GWO-training - now in Luleå!

Now we are pleased to announce that we can offer you GWO courses also in Norther…
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Cresto Worker range

We have a long history of selling products to Construction and General Industr…
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Husum Wind 10 – 13 September 2019

September 10 - 13 it's finally time for the Husum Wind fair and of course we are…
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Security with fixed fall arrest system in the depot

Even in motorsport environments, safety is an important aspect of equipment that…
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Cresto Group assist Grimeton with new attraction

Cresto Group is a proud advisor and supplier to the world heritage Grimeton's ne…
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Ambitious growth targets for the new Cresto Group

Bergman & Beving’s premium fall protection solutions brand, Cresto, announce…
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New strategy for this year's road racing season!

This weekend it's time for the second competion of the Swedish Championship in R…
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Fall protection maintenance tips

Your fall protection can one day be your lifeline to safety. In case of an a…
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AML, AFS - what do the paragraphs actually say?

As an employee, you are probably familiar with the Swedish Work Environment Auth…
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In-depth study of different types of harnesses

There are many different types of harnesses, and it can be difficult to know wha…
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The new PPE regulation and increased lifetime for Cresto products

In connection with re-certifying against the new PPE regulation, we are now incr…
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Extend the lifetime of your rescue solution

We want to remind you that you can extend the lifetime of your rescue solut…
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Fusion Active+ Wind – for the wind power industry

New lightweight and premium safety harness for the wind power industry We are pr…
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GWO ART and GWO EFA – now at Cresto!

As some of you might know Global Wind Organisation (GWO) launched two new traini…
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A more safe workplace with fixed fall arrest installations

Fixed fall arrest installations in height safety are currently increasing in the…
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Visit us at WindEnergy Hamburg 2018!

Between 25 - 28 September, we will be in place at WindEnergy 2018 in Hamburg. We…
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New routines regarding personal data

As you have probably noticed, EU has resolved on a new regulation regarding pers…
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Alexander Lundh on top after first race weekend in Superbike

The 2018 season seems to be the hottest season in Swedish road racing for many y…
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Do you need to update your Inspector Pro subscription?

It’s time to update your Cresto Inspector License. From the 1st November Inspect…
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Are you ready for A+A, Düsseldorf 2017?

We are currently preparing for A+A trade show in Düsseldorf on the 17th to 20th …
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We now introduce Energy Pro

This harness is a customized version of Energy Pro (1136) for work within Wind e…
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Now we launch Inspector Pro!

The best tool by far for easy, fast and safe annual inspection of products and s…
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Re-profiling of Cresto products

Reprofiling of Cresto products Cresto is defined by our products used by you, he…
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