Evacuation of injured person

The course gives the participant knowledge and skill to rescue a colleague from the pole with the help of a "Smartline" rescue equipment. During the course, the participant will climb with pole shoes and perform several different types of rescue scenarios.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate
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To be able to rescue an injured person from the pole/height using the rescue equipment "AAK Smartline" or "Smartline X".

Theoretical elements

  • Workplace environmental regulations and European Norms (Fall Protection)
  • Product overview (run-through of equipment used)
  • Fall factors
  • EN standards
  • CE-marking, daily inspection, periodical inspection
  • Breaking loads and anchorage points
  • Rescue procedures and requesting help from emergency service

Practical elements

  • Connections
  • Rescuing a person in distress (various methods) using rescue equipment (Smartline X)
  • Practise as both distressed/Injured person and rescuer.
Target group: The course is aimed primarily at those who work outdoors climbing and servicing poles. Participants must master climbing with pole-shoes and work positioning lanyards and be in good health. Previous knowledge: Pole climbing Period of validity: Annual repetition are recommended Course length: 4 hours (1/2 day) Instructor: 1
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