D-HLR and First Aid

As more and more people attend a D-CPR and First Aid course, there are more people who can help in the event of an accident. Knowledge of how to treat small and large injuries and how to use a cardiac starter can reduce the risk of serious injury and increase the chance of survival.

  • After approved course a certificate will be provided
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The aim of the course is to get enough of knowledge to safely and unhampered help in a first aid scenario.

Theoretical elements

  • Laws
  • Anatomy
  • First aid procedures
  • CPR-D
  • Common first aid - minor injuries and major injuries
  • To think about when calling the emergancy central
  • How to create free airways

Practical elements

  • CPR-D
  • Treat minor and major injuries
  • Free airways
Target group: We recommend any employee, despite work or profile, to attend a First Aid course. Previous knowledge: None previous knowledge needed Period of validity: Annual repetition are recommended Course length: 4 hours (1/2 day) Instructor: 1
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