Competent Person Cresto SRL

Competent person Cresto SRL is a course for those who want to be able to perform the annual inspections of an SRL (Self-retractable lifelines). The course only includes Cresto's own SRL's and not other brands and is suitable for resellers and larger companies that have a lot of equipment.

The advantage of attending a Competent Person course is that the company itself will be able to more easily carry out the annual inspection without having to take products out of use for a more extended period.

  • After an approved course, the participant will be issued a certificate.
  • Lunch and snacks are included
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The participant should efficiently and thoroughly be able to inspect and assess a Cresto SRL.

Theoretical elements

  • Review of standards and regulations
  • Review of manuals
  • Review of service manuals
  • How is an assessment made?
  • Guidelines and measuring points
  • Approved or not approved product

Practical elements

  • Inspection of an SRL
  • Reparation and service
Target group: Companies with large amounts of SRL's or Cresto resellers. Previous knowledge: Competent Person Cresto PPE Period of validity: 3 years Course length: 8 hours (1 day) Instructor: 1
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