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Smartline X in action

Smartline X

Personal Evacuation Device

  • Small Size
  • Light
  • Heat resistant

Smartline X is the smallest and lightest personal evacuation device in the World. With a maximum user weight of 140kg, maximum descent distance of 200m and weighing 3.8kg (200m), Smartline X is unique. Cresto AB are committed to better and safer rescue solutions for workers at height, continuously innovating with a determination to support industry.

With weights from 2-3.8kg it is extremely easy to carry the equipment attached to the harness to ensure availability in an emergency, wherever you are in the elevated workplace.

The Aramid rope has an incredible strength to diameter ratio and has a heat resistance in excess of 480 C. Smartline X can even be suitable where sudden fire appears.

Physical properties

Material device: Anodized forged Aluminium T6, Nylon
Function: Manual descent device
Mechanics: Friction brake
Lifting mechanics: Method 1:3
Rope: Aramid rope 5,5mm, 16 twill braid coreless construction
Rope Weight: 12,5g
Attaching connector, device: Aluminium carabiner with tripple action gate
Attaching connector, rope: Aluminium carabiner with tripple action gate
Produktvikt: 2-3,8kg
Kit: In red waterproof PVC bag, 1 pc 1m Aramid anchorsling


Segments: Wind, Telecom, Tower, Oil & Gas, Cranes, Offshore, Skylifts, many more


Standards: EN341:2011/2D
Notified Body: Force Certification A/S, Park Alle 345 2605 Brøndby, Danmark

Lifespan and other information

Lifespan device: 10 Years
Lifespan rope: 7 years from date of manufacturing
Max. load: 140kg
Min. load: 60kg
Descent speed: 0,5-2m/s
Max. rope length: 200m
Max. descent distance: 200m
Working temperatures: -25- (+50)degree Celsius
Inspection requirements: Yearly inspection
Identification: Serial number
User instruction languages: ENG, SV, DK, NB, FI, DE, IT, FR, ES, PT