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Kit with line, bag, device and sling

AAK Smartline

Personal Evacuation Device

Physical properties

Material device: Aluminium
Function: Manual descent device
Mechanics: Friction brake
Lifting mechanics: Method 1:3
Rope: Aramid rope plaited, 5.5mm. Sheet of Aramid
Rope Weight: 15g/m
Attaching connector, device: Aluminium carabiner with screw gate
Attaching connector, rope: Aluminium carabiner with screw gate
Produktvikt: Device: 0,56-1,6kg
Kit: In red water repellent bag with 1 pc anchor sling 1,6m, knife, small user instruction


Segments: Wind, Telecom, Tower, Pole, Oil & Gas, Cranes, offshore, skylifts, many more


Standards: EN341:1992
Notified Body: SGS United Kingdom Ltd.,: Unit 202B Worle Parkway, Weston-super-Mare, BS22 6WA, UK

Lifespan and other information

Lifespan device: 10 Years
Lifespan rope: 7 years lifespan maximum working life
Max. load: 140kg
Min. load: 30kg
Descent speed: 0.5-2m/s
Max. rope length: 82m
Max. descent distance: 80m
Working temperatures: -40-(+50)°C
Inspection requirements: Yearly inspection
Identification: Serial Number
User instruction languages: ENG, SV Available: DK, NB, FI, DE, FR, ES, LV