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Simo WP – Snap

Work Positioning Lanyard 2342

  • Multi certified for different work applications
  • Extra strong rope for sharp edges

Support lanyard with very versatile one-hand adjustment. Tested and certifed against 3 EU standards (EN 358, EN 354 and EN 795) makes this user-friendly support lanyard one of a kind.

Physical properties

Lanyard: Kernmantle rope, 32-braided, 12mm. Cover and core in Polyamide
Lanyard strength: <43kN
Connecting carabiner 1: Aluminium 2-way (Snap-hook 9687)
Connecting carabiner 2: Aluminium twist (Carabiner 9673)
Adjuster: Aluminium Spring loaded
Product weight: 3-6kg


Standards: EN 358:2008, EN 795:2012, EN 354:2001
Notified Body: Nr.0402: SP Technical Research lnstitute of Sweden, Box 857, SE-501 15 Borås

Lifespan and other information

Lifespan: 2 years’ storage from new + 10 years maximum working life.
Maximum user weight: 140kg
Working temperatures: -40 - (+100)°C
Inspection requirements: Annual Inspection by a certified Competent person
Identification: Serial number
RFID: Located in label. RFID/NFC-reader compatible
User manual languages: EN, SV, NO, DK, FI, EE, DE