Annual inspection of fall protection equipment

Cresto's experienced and certified servicing staff perform inspections, examinations and factory servicing for personal fall protection and rescue equipment, as well as for assembled fall protection systems. We do this at our servicing workshop in Halmstad and on-site at our customers locations. Examinations carried out by our staff are always registered in "Inspector", our online inspection database.

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Annual examination

According to the European standard EN365:2004, personal fall protection and rescue equipment must be submitted for periodic examination at least once every twelve months. If the equipment is subjected to excessive wear or is used in tough environments, it should be inspected more often.

Each user is responsible for checking their equipment prior to use – the so-called daily inspection – each time they use it. But the annual inspections must be performed by a Competent person who is tr­ained and certified by a manufacturer or accredited partner. We and our partners carry out periodic examinations at acc­redited servicing centres and on-site at customers locations. Many of our customers have a servicing contract with us, which covers regular inspection and maintenance of the products. Customers with a lot of equipment can take a course run by us to become a certified Competent person.

Do you wish to submit your products for inspection by us in Halmstad we kindly want you to order an inspection and send your products to us. The easiest way to order an inspection is to log in to our costumer portal. Under My pages and Inspections, returns and complaints you'll find instructions of how to order. If you don't have any account you can order an inspection by submit the pdf on the right, Order Inspection.


Inspector – Logging Your inspections

Thanks to our online inspection da­tabase Inspector, you don't need to worry about when the next inspection will be for your products and fall protection systems. Register your products and systems, document the annual inspections and get a reminder before the next examination. Smart, accessible and safe. Contact our customer support to get started with Inspector!