Cresto Group

Cresto Group delivers solutions for two key areas within the safety at height industry: fall protection, personal and fixed systems, plus rescue and evacuation solutions. both areas mutually support each other and are essential for making work at height more secure and efficient. Our comprehensive solutions and expertise make us the market leader in the Nordic region and include consulting, training, products, annual inspection and related services.

Cresto Group have a global network of service and training partners and our team of height safety consultants, and instructors are passionate experts in their field.

The development of products, services and complete solutions is almost always done together with the customer and innovative, customized solutions form the foundation of our range. We always strive to exceed our customers' expectations.


Cresto Group's overall plan is to become one of Europe’s leading 5 fall protection brands by 2024. Cresto Group is a sales and service company which collects our brands AAK Safety in Norway, plus product brands Cresto and RESQ under one roof.

To achieve our goals, Cresto Group will also expand even more outside the Nordic region. New opportunities will be driven by developing, offering and exporting our innovative Scandinavian products and solutions to selected industries with demanding users. To gain additional expertise and broaden our customer offering, we are looking to acquire other companies, and we will also invest in collaborations with external brands to locally offer the best overall solution.

Our vision, mission and culture

In our goal of becoming an Ultra Premium fall protection and rescue specialist, our Culture is fundamental to succeeding in the long term. Our vision, mission and values are all important for creating a successful company that contributes to a value-creating business.

Our vision

”A world where everyone is safe and healthy at work”

All the companies in our group work towards creatine a healthier and safer work place.

Our mission

”We design the right premium solutions for professionals working at heights”

We focus on delivering unique and customized solutions to our customers. Our solutions should be value-creating in a long-term perspective.

Our culture

Our culture has its roots in our history and is crucial for us to achieve long-term success. Our concept is:

"We always seek the customer's perspective".

Our values ​​are:

  • Passion
  • Knowledge
  • Trust
  • Performance

We challenge ourselves and our customers to Expect more.

Therefore, our customer promise is:

Expect more

Our history

Cresto Group is created and built from a long history of practical and theoretical experience with people working on heights in different industries, countries and cultures. We have been a driver in developing rope access methods as well as created award-winning and patented products. Besides, we have taken the positions as the world leader in terms of the most amount of rescue solutions delivered and installed for the wind power industry. We have a network of partners all over the world and the most hard-working passionate employees in the industry.


Our brands