RESQ - Pioneer within Rescue equipment

Cresto has developed numerous innovative and smart products for rescue and evacuation. Our RESQ DD has been awarded the world's most prestigious design award – "Red Dot". Today, we are world leaders and proudly showcase one of the market's most comprehensive ranges.

Rescue and evacuation equipment is a necessity for all industries where work at height is involved. A multitude of options exist from automatic to manual and personal to multiple users, Cresto have brought together all of our rescue equipment under the name RESQ.

In order to be able to deal with the various emergency situations that may occur when working at height, it is of the utmost importance that all staff are trained and that appropriate equipment is always close at hand.

lgogogogogog Our RESQ products

The red box that became a symbol in the market

RESQ has been supplying rescue and evacuation equipment to international wind-power and other industries for more than 15 years. This global exposure has further strengthened our expertise for safety in extreme work environments.

The red box, which is used to house many of our automatic rescue kits, emobies rescue equipment for operations at height around the world. It acts as an ambassador to create awareness in the market of the need for rescue equipment.

Unique, patented Vacuum concept

Rescue kits face two main storage problems which may result in serious consequences if the rescue equipment needs to be used in an emergency:

- Condensation can form due to changes in air temperature and this can cause the equipment to corrode.
- Vibrations can abrade and weaken equipment.

Based on our knowledge and extensive experience of these, we developed and patented vacuum packaging for rescue equipment. This works by:
- Removing the air eliminating the equipment to condensation and corrosion.
- Ensuring the components are kept completely stationary in the packaging meaning items cannot vibrate or rub against one another.

Vacuum-packaged equipment only needs to undergo factory servicing once every 10 years. Additionally, an unopened vacuum package can also be inspected on-site quickly and easily, which results in significant cost savings when it comes to the annual inspection. We have patented the concept and no comparable or better solution can be found on the market. RESQ stands alone in our ability to offer this unique solution to our customers.